Religious Rituals as an Aid to Cope with Death


Death of a close family member or a dear friend can have a devastating effect on the minds of the survivors. At times people find it really difficult to cope with the sudden loss. It is true that coping with the death of a loved one and the resultant grief is a difficult and often life-long process. The passing of a loved one can leave us emotionally shocked and shattered and at a loss as to how to move forward in life.


But, irrespective of how the death of a person is going to change your life, you need to accept it. Unless you accept the death it will be impossible for you to move forward in life. There are many ways to cope with death and your faith in religion is just one of them.

In different religions of the world, death is explained in different manners. But no matter what religion you follow it can become the source of physical, mental, emotional, and psychological healing when you are having difficulty in coping with grief associated with death.

The connection between religion and coping with grief may be difficult to perceive, but it does exist. When you have faith in your religion then you must practice the religious rituals. When you do so, it shows your faith in God and you find comfort.

Practice of religious rituals at the time of death help a lot to cope with the present situation. First of all, religious rituals will guide you to accept death and the fact that the deceased has gone forever and in no way he will return back to your life. This is why people give a lot of stress on funeral rituals. Every religion follows different types of funeral rituals but the main motive of these rituals is to say goodbye to the deceased and to move forward in life.

At the same time religious rituals that are practiced after the death of a person help the survivors to remember the deceased. The deceased is known to a lot of persons and during a ritual ceremony everyone gets the chance to show their tribute to the deceased. This actually shows how much the deceased was liked by people. Usually during a funeral ceremony you can notice lots of sharing and tears, smiles and contemplation.

Also religious rituals help a lot to strengthen your relationships with the community of the living. During a difficult time you need the comfort of other people. When other people are by your side it becomes easy for you to cope with the situation. During such rituals, you can also strongly feel the presence of the deceased.

Rituals, ancient or new, are ways of expressing our faith and our hope. Now it is up to you as whether you wish to follow traditional rituals, familiar religious rituals or personally designed rituals, which may or may not be religious. Any kind of ritual can help to express your profound feelings and help to cope with the loss in your life.
Religion, therefore, offers comfort in dealing with the death of a close person. It also helps people cope better with grief. You must also not forget the fact that time heals all wounds.


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